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A complete searchable and filterable list of all Mining Bags in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Always up to date with the latest patch (820)

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Mammoth Mining Bag is a 32 slots mining bag its kind of ironic that the tailor can craft bag for other And nobody would be able to find anything they

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You may find the different graphics Triple-Reinforced Mining Bag] mageweave bags in the auction house — you can get a 16 slot netherweave bag for as much or

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The [Mining Sack] is a 20-slot Mining bag that can be purchased from Fabian Lanzonelli in Allerian Stronghold, Can't find a community you love?

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Bag vendors (sometimes called Bag merchant) are NPC vendors that sell bags ranging in size from 6 to 12 slots

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A bag is a container which can be equipped to increase the player's maximum Types of Bags and Where to Find Them Reinforced Mining Bag: 28 slots